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We Admire

So many folks are out there doing good work around bees and pollinators -- art, activism, research -- and they inspire us to do more and better.


For the Good of the Hive

The Good of the Hive® was founded by artist Matthew Willey on a personal commitment to hand-paint 50,000 honeybees in murals around the world. Through art and imagination, The Good of the Hive inspires curiosity and awareness about the importance of honey bees and other pollinators while celebrating the power in human connection.


The Xerces Society

"The Xerces Society at the forefront of invertebrate protection worldwide, harnessing the knowledge of scientists and the enthusiasm of citizens to implement conservation programs.” The name Xerces refers to the extinct California butterfly, Xerces Blue. Founded in 1974 in Portland, Oregon, Xerces lobbies against the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, and genetically modified plants and organisms (GMOs). They are currently fighting to protect the Western Monarch butterfly.


Cornell University

Cornell has been involved with bees since the late 1940s and continues today with important research, master classes, field tech teams, workshops and public education.

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Tim Wong

Aquatic biologist Tim Wong successfully brought back the decimated population of pipevine swallowtail butterflies in San Francisco by cultivating the California pipevine plant, the swallowtail’s sole food source, and creating a hospitable environment in his back yard. Seven years in, he is able to release thousands of butterflies at the SF Botanical Gardens every few months. We CAN make a difference. [content credit to The Outside Institute, April 2019]

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