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Support Pollinator Legislation

Bees are political. And they need us to be too. Legislation ranges from funds for highway gardens to banning neonics. Stay tuned in. Speak up.

Join the CSB

When you join, you are actively supporting over 1 million honeybees, their care, their protection, their environment and spreading the word about how important they are.

Plus, you get honey.

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Plant a Pollinator Garden

Flowering plants, especially ones native to your area, are a great way to support local pollinators, including honeybees. Bees fly 3 miles to forage and your garden can support the neighborhood!

Leave the Dandelions

Dandelions' early yellow blooms are often the first food for bees each spring. Don't mow too early and maybe let these under appreciated flowers hang around. A wish from the bees.

Dandelion Leaves

Quit Round Up

Pesticides are bad for us and for bees. Even if you're just trying to get rid of a few pesky weeds on your walkway, this stuff can wreak havoc on a whole bee colony.

Talk Bees

At the water cooler. At the dinner table. At the PTA. At your next swanky cocktail party. First of all, bees are fascinating. And, you will sound cool... lol. Study some facts. Spread the word. Save the bees.

Dinner Party
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Learn More

The Buzz brings you bee and pollinator information from all over... straight from the hive, from The Hill, from the research laboratory and the rest of the world too. Stay up to date.

Share Bees

Share bees and what bees mean to our environment with someone you love. Give part of a hive (with bees, wax, beekeepers and honey) and get many happy returns.
Buy a CSB Gift Card today.


Suit Up

If you know a beekeeper, ask to check out a hive... just once. It's fascinating and will drive your curiosity and urgency. If you can't find one, come put on my guest suit. Open invitation.

How to Help: Meet the Team
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