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To be Banned

The following eight neonics are listed by their chemical name on the Birds and the Bees Protection Act (A07639 and S05816) to be banned and studied. Catskill Mountain Honey has added to this list the manufacturers (some) as well as the consumer brand names. The brand names listed are just a sample. Other brand names may include these neonics as well.

  1. Clothianidin– by Takeda & Bayer (Safari, Criterion, Envincio Adonis, Conserve, Belay)

  2. Imidacloprid– Admire, Advise, Alias, AmTide, Brigadier, Couraze, Condifor, Gaucho, Leverage, Macho, Premier, Premise, Provado, Mallet, Marathon, Midash Forte, Montana, Nuprid, Pasada, Skyraider, Swagger, Tempest, Wrangler

  3. Thiamethoxam-- Cruiser

  4. Dinotefuran– Mitsui Chemicals (Safari, Scorpion, Venom)

  5. Acetamiprid-- Assail

  6. Thiacloprid– by Bayer (one of the most common neonics) Calypso, Biscaya

  7. Nithiazine– Gentrol, Gladiator, Mavrik

  8. Fipronil-- Regent

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