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Catskill Mountain Honey has two programs, both focused on producing honey and on perpetuating bees! You can have your own hives or join as a member in a group of hives, tended by us. Either way, you help bees and get sweet Catskill honey!


The Bee-SA

Join. Learn. Get Honey.

Raising bees and keeping beehives is a big commitment. It can be expensive to get started and is time consuming, tricky and can sting! But when you join the Bee-SA (a CSA for honey instead of veggies), you follow the progress of your own hive, learn about beekeeping and get honey in the end. Plus being part of the Bee-SA supports the development of best practices in beekeeping and the activism needed to affect laws that impact all pollinators. As a Bee-SA member, you make a difference and watch the bees succeed because of your support! One share in the Bee-SA is just $250 USD and you can join from anywhere in the world!


Catskill Beehives

Commit to Your Own Hives

No one should get their own beehives without knowing what they are doing... or in our case, without having a crackerjack beekeeping team on your side. If you are serious about getting your own hives, we can help you launch them and learn. The bees live on your property, we tend them and you reap the sweet rewards. Start up fees plus expenses are around $2,000, but expect monthly tending fees from April through November to average around $500, depending on the challenges the bees face in high season. If you are into it, we can help.

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