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Taking Action
Made Easy

NY State legislators take you seriously if you call or write to them.

Here's everything you need to make a difference.

We only have until mid June to make this happen.

Bee on Flower

Who Sponsored the Birds and the Bees Protection Act and What Does It Do?

A lot of people are involved in this bill. Steve Englebright sponsored it in the Assembly and Brad Hoylman sponsored it in the Senate. 

The following members of the Assembly have co-sponsored this bill: 

Sayegh, Simon, Epstein, Cook, Mosley, Stec, D'Urso,

Jacobson, Cruz, Thiele, Hyndman, Galef, Jaffee


1)  Bans outdoor uses of bee-toxic

neonicotinoid (“neonic”) pesticides for 5 years

2)  Requires that the state environmental & agricultural

agencies study the impacts of neonics on

honey bees, wild bees, & birds during the 5-year ban

3)  Helps birds by requiring development of

best practices to reduce bird collisions at

wind turbines and flashing light towers.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

What to Say When You Call or Write

Be polite, professional and direct.

Tell them that you care about bees, pollinators, our environment

and the success of NY State agriculture. Tell them you want them to

VOTE YES on the Birds and the Bees Protection Act.

You will need to refer to the bill's number: 

A07639 in the Assembly

& S05816 in the Senate. 

Make sure to thank them! 

That should do it! If you want to do more,

our full letter is here for your reference.


Who to Say It To

Let's prioritize. If you only have a little time,

just call or write/email the following folks:


Assembly Member (find here) &

Senator (find here).

That's TWO EASY calls. Go you!


Assembly Member Steve Englebright

Chair, Committee on Environmental Conservation and Bill Sponsor

(Please thank him for introducing A07639 in the Assembly!)

Phone:  (518) 455-4804

Senator Brad Hoylman

Bill Sponsor

(Please thank him for introducing S05816 in the Senate)

Phone: (518) 455-2451


Senator Todd Kaminsky

Chair, Committee on Environmental Conservation

Phone: (518) 455-3401


Assembly Member Donna Lupardo

Chair, Committee on Agriculture

Phone: (518) 455-5693


Senator Jennifer Metzger

Chair, Committee on Agriculture

Phone: (518) 455-2400


Bees at Work

Got Time to Do More?

If you have time to make the rounds to all the sponsors

and to both of the Assembly and Senate Committees on

Environmental Conservation, it will make a difference. 

Let's make sure this bill is top of mind for everyone involved. 

Catskill Mountain Honey sent a letter to all of these folks! 

Let's keep up the pressure.

Take Action: Get Involved
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